World cup in Strasbourg 2017

Team Sweden Jakkolo wants to thank France for an incredibly successful World Championship in Strasbourg in 2017! An extra big thank you to Johanna and Patrick for a fantastic work with the tournament!
Thanks also to our new and old friends from Germany, Surinam, USA, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, South Korea, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland and Slovakia! We had some great days together!
We are also very pleased to have achieved our great goal for the tournament – to defend our bronze medal. It became a very exciting and tight game against the Czech Republic, which was decided in the final round after a magical comeback from us where we won all five last matches, so from down 17-23 we won 27-23!
The next world cup will be settled in Germany in two years. We are already looking forward to that tournament. We also look forward to the start of the 2017/2018 season which begins with the Swedish championships (outdoor) Saturday 19/8.